Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wells - Streakiness

In the first 14 games of the season, there were 34 base runners when VW came to the plate, and he batting in 3 of them, and paltry 8.8% of them.

In the next 16 games, there were 58 base runners ahead of him, and he batted in 13 of them, a much better 22.4% of conversion rate.

In the most recent 15 games, there have been 35 runners on base and he's batted in none of them. I'll leave the percentage to the reader to calculate.

One hopes that Cito's patience pays off, because it is very difficult to watch the number 4 hitter convert only 3 base runners for two-thirds of the season.


  1. Rios is an enigma. He had a terrible April, but really in terms of the expectations for him. His RC/pa was about 0.135 in April; it is up to about 0.200 so far in May. To produce enough runs to win the typical game, a player need to produce 0.120 RC/pa

    This improvement has not translated into RBIs yet, and he has stranded more runners, but if his hitting continues as it has so far in May, I expect those numbers to pick up.

    I really hope that Cito's patience will pay off for both Rios and Wells.