Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's up with Aaron Hill?

Yes, his bat has been great. I'm not talking about offense.

In the past 10 games, Hill committed 3 errors late in the game, all of them 8th inning or later. So far, none have led to a earned run, but the first two were in close games.

For those of you into projecting and need an excuse to think that the Blue Jays' sky is falling, that projects to 22 errors for the season.

It won't happen. In his worst season, Hill only committed 14 errors. I think it's just couple of potholes on the road.

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  1. That's now 4 errors in 15 games, all late in the game. However, he redeemed himself big time with the bat with the HR in the 10th and RBI in the 11th.

    Overall, Toronto's defense (measured by Defense Efficiency Rating) is tops in the AL and 4th overall. As for Hill, he's at or near the top on most categories:

    Chances: 1st
    Putouts: 6th
    Assists: 1st
    DPs: 2nd

    However, his range factor is below the AL median and with the number of errors so far, he's near the bottom on fielding percentage. I expect by the end of the season, these two numbers will improve.